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Gems products warranty policy


If there is any problem not being damaged by any man-made and under warranty,you can send back to us for repairing.
Simply provide proof of original purchase date to ensure your printer is still under warranty coverage and send it to us.
Gems products are covered against material and design defects, and all replacements parts and labor are complimentary.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) process

STEP 1 - Your device is NOT functioning
If your device is not functioning, please contact us via:
1. Chat
2. Phone
3. Email

STEP 2 - Support agent will troubleshoot and determine eligibility of RMA    
Our support agent will contact with you to troubleshoot the device and determine the eligibility of RMA. 

Please provide the image or video for support agent to troubleshoot,if there is operational issue,we can provide remote assistance to solve problem.

NOTE: Your device must be UNDER WARRANTY in order to qualify for a replacement.

STEP 3 - Register your product  (Download Form)
Eligible or not, please register the product with our support agent by providing the following information.
1. Name
2. Email address 
3. Phone number
4. Ship to address 
5. Product part number, color and capacity
6. Date of purchase 
7. Place of purchase
8. Serial number of product
9. Proof of Purchase

STEP 4 - Support agent will submit RMA request for approval, if device is qualified for replacement
Our support agent will quickly submit a request for RMA approval after qualifying your device for replacement.

STEP 5 - Once RMA is approved
You can send the device to us for repairing.The shipping cost pay by your side,and we will pay the shipping cost when we send back to you,

STEP 6 - After the device is repaired
You will be notified by email once we ship your new device


We can provide you with diagnostic services and assist in providing you with repair options that minimize cost and provide you with the high quality services.

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